I Haven’t Heard Either Presidential Candidate Talk About This Topic – Have You?

Originally posted on September 13, 2016

We have been exposed to a host of different issues from both candidates over the course of this presidential election. And while the media continues to highlight several stories that range from Clinton’s health to Trump’s tax returns, we still have a slowing economy that needs tending to. Here are a couple of staggering economic statistics that haven’t quite grabbed the media’s attention:

Our nation’s total outstanding debt as of 8/18/16 was $19.45 trillion. It has taken 293 calendar days (since 10/30/15) to add the latest $1 trillion of debt. It took our country 205 years (from 1776 to November 1981) to accumulate our first $1 trillion of debt. (source: Treasury Department).

Every 1% increase in the cost of debt on our nation’s $19.45 trillion of publicly held debt is equal to $140 billion per year in additional interest expense (source: Treasury Department).

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