Is the Current Market Rally Real or Fake?

Investors’ end of month February and March statements sure looked a lot better than end of January’s statements. Is the current market uptick here to stay or are we in a “bear market rally”? A loose definition of a bear market rally is a 5% or greater stock market gain following a stock market correction of 10% or more.

While no one has a crystal ball, these current data points suggest that it may be very difficult for this rally to continue:

-The Chinese economy has unquestionably slowed while most of Europe is trying to stay out of a recession.

-Worldwide manufacturing including the U.S. has been at recessionary levels for the last nine months.

-Globally, central banks are purposely printing money in the hopes of devaluing their currencies – which year-to-date has produced the opposite effect.

-In the U.S., stock prices are back to valuation levels above what their long-term earnings would support.

-The Federal Reserve is desperately trying to embark on a rate-hiking cycle while at the same time poor corporate earnings continue to dog U.S. companies.

-U.S. banks and insurance companies have taken on substantial risks over the last few years, none more obvious than the escalating default rate on subprime auto loans.

-Currently, there are slightly over 93 million Americans not working.

Generally, the stock market reacts mildly over the course of a presidential election year. While history may hold true for 2016, a good measure of caution is still advised.

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